• 130 Foot Laser Measuring Tool
  • 130 Foot Laser Measuring Tool
  • 130 Foot Laser Measuring Tool
  • 130 Foot Laser Measuring Tool

130 Foot Laser Measuring Tool

  • Accurate measurements up to 130 ft. (Within 1/8 in.);
    Class II laser product, output ≤1mw.

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    The HAMMERHEAD 130 FT. Compact Laser Measuring Tool is the world’s first laser measuring tool that’s compact, accurate, and intuitive. With one simple button, measuring is as easy as point, press, measure. Three modes of operation and two units of measure allow you to accurately measure length, area, and continuous measurements up to 130ft /40M with accuracy to +/- 1/8”. Other features include an integrated, Lithium rechargeable battery and micro USB charging port. Ideal for interior decorating, remodeling, floor and wall coverings, real estate estimation and appraisal. Class II laser product (output ≤1Mw).

    Features include: Ultra-thin design, fits easily in any pocket; 3 operating modes: length, area and continuous measure; 2 units of measure: ft./in. And metric; Integrated 4V Lithium rechargeable battery, charged via USB port.

    Kit includes: (1) Laser Measuring Tool, (1) USB Charging Cable.

  • Accuracy of Digital Display:   ± 1/8

    Batteries:  Integrated 4V Lithium rechargeable battery

    Laser Dot Color:  Red

    Warranty:  2+1 year limited

    • Do the Hammerhead Laser Measuring Tools come with a warranty?

      There is a 3 Year limited WARRANTY on the digital levels. Please see the manual for details.

    • What is the precision of the 130 Foot Laser Measuring Tool?

      ± 1/8 accuracy.

    • Is the laser safe to use in public areas? Can it harm people’s eyes?

      The laser in the HAMMHERHEAD 130 Foot Laser Measuring Tool is a class 2; it is completely safe for use in all areas. As long as the laser is not pointed directly at a person’s eye, it is not harmful.

    • Does the 130 Foot Laser Measuring Tool have a memory function?

      Yes, a measurement result can be saved in the internal memory, and the memory position for that measurement (M1 - M3) is displayed during the saving process. If more than three results are saved, the older ones are overwritten.

    • How many and what kind of batteries are needed for the 130 Foot Laser Measuring Tool?

      2 1 Lithium ion battery required. (included).