• Laser Line Level
  • Laser Line Level
  • Laser Line Level
  • Laser Line Level
  • Laser Line Level
  • Laser Line Level
  • Laser Line Level
  • Laser Line Level
  • Laser Line Level

Laser Line Level

  • Laser accuracy for leveling and alignment. Projects a bright, laser line onto flat surfaces with accuracy of 1/4 inch at 15 feet.

    The HAMMERHEAD Laser Line Level provides horizontal and plumb lines in a variety of leveling applications. The adjustable wall-mount base with 360 degree protractor scale allows you to manually project a line at any angle for projects that require them. A magnetic base increases the laser's versatility allowing for use on flat metal surface.

    Put away the chalked plumb line! This is the smart way to hang pictures, install shelves, and set wall tile with the confidence that comes from laser accuracy.

    INCLUDES: Laser Level, 360 Degree Wall-mount Base, & (2) AAA Batteries

  • Accuracy:                        1/4 in. at 15 ft.

    Working Range:               Up to 16 ft.

    Leveling Type:                 Manual

    Laser Type:                      635nm, < 1mW

    Laser Class:                    Class II

    Laser Color:                     Red

    Power Supply:                 2x AAA Batteries (included)


    • Is the laser in the Laser Line Level safe to use in public areas? Can it harm people’s eyes?

      The laser in this Laser Line Level is a class 2; it is completely safe for use in all areas. As long as the laser is not pointed directly at a person’s eye, it is not harmful.

    • Does the Laser Line Level come with a warranty?

      There is a 3 Year limited WARRANTY on the laser levels. Please see the manual for details.

    • What kind of battery is needed to operate the Laser Line Level?

      Your Laser Line Level requires 2 AAA batteries (included).

    • Can this Laser Line Level be used outdoors in the sunlight?

      No, this laser is not intended for outdoor use.

    • How do I level the Laser Line Level?

      The laser uses horizontal and vertical bubble levels to manually level the laser onto the surface.

    • How do I secure the Laser Line Level to walls and other vertical surfaces?

      The Laser Line Level comes with two mounting pins which allow you to fix the mounting base to vertical surfaces.