• 24" Digital Level with Laser
  • 24" Digital Level with Laser
  • 24" Digital Level with Laser
  • 24" Digital Level with Laser
  • 24" Digital Level with Laser
  • 24" Digital Level with Laser
  • 24" Digital Level with Laser
  • 24" Digital Level with Laser

24" Digital Level with Laser

  • Confidence: Digital Accuracy up to 0.05°
    Accurately measure and store angles in degrees, % and IN/FT (rise over run).

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    The HAMMERHEAD 24-Inch Digital Laser Level clearly displays angles with up to 1/20° accuracy. With two digital display modes: high accuracy for angles within 1° of level or plumb with up to 1/20° accuracy and regular accuracy for all other angles with up to 1/10° accuracy for the precision to get the job done correctly and as planned.

    Features include: large, back-lit digital screen that inverts when the level is inverted; laser dot projection visible at 100 ft. for long-distance alignment; aluminum base with integrated ruler and strong magnets for firm attachment to flat surfaces; compatible with all 1/4-inch threaded tripod screws. Kit includes: (1) Digital Laser Level, (2) AAA Batteries and (1) Soft bag.

  • Angle Measuring Range:        0° to 360°

    Accuracy of Digital Display:   ±0.05° (level or plumb)
                                                   ±0.1° (all other angles)

    3 Angle Measurement            Degree, % and IN/FT  
    Options:                                  (rise over run)

    Audible Indication:                   0°, 45°, 90° and the last recorded

    Memory Storage:                    9 measurements

    Estimated Operating Time:    10 hours (with alkaline batteries)

    Batteries:                                2 AAA batteries required (included)

    Accuracy of Laser
    (relative to the level base):     +/- 3/8 in. at 100 ft.

    Laser Dot Color:                     Red

    Warranty:                               2+1 year limited

      • What is the High-Accuracy Display Mode and how is it used?

        When in high-accuracy display mode, the digital laser level computes and displays results to 2 decimal places: accuracy of up to .01% or 0.1°. The level must be within 1° of either level or the reference angle to use this feature.

      • Do the Hammerhead Digital Levels come with a warranty?

        There is a 3 Year limited WARRANTY on the digital levels. Please see the manual for details.

      • How do I use the tool in High-Accuracy Display Mode?

        Because the high-accuracy display is computing such small variances, the digital laser level must be calibrated before it can enter the high-accuracy mode. This allows the level to account for minor changes, such as those caused by changes in temperature. Please refer to CALIBRATE THE DIGITAL LASER LEVEL in your Owner’s Manual.

      • Can the 10”/24”/48” Digital Level measure the angle between any working surfaces?

        Yes, and surface may be set as a 0° reference angle. Place the digital level on the second surface and the relative angle between the two surfaces will be displayed. Please refer to RELATIVE ANGLE MEASUREMENT your Owner’s Manual for more details and instruction.

      • How can I calibrate the 10”/24”/48” Digital Level?

        Please refer to CALIBRATE THE DIGITAL LASER LEVEL in your Owner’s Manual.

      • What is the precision of the 10”/24”/48” Digital Level?

        ±0.05° accuracy for level or plumb (0° and 90°) ±0.1° accuracy for other angles.

      • What is the display accuracy of the 10”/24”/48” Digital Level?

        2 decimal places for level or plumb in High-Accuracy Mode; 1 decimal place for other angles.

      • Is the laser in the Digital Level safe to use in public areas? Can it harm people’s eyes?

        The laser in the HAMMHERHEAD Digital Level is a class 2; it is completely safe for use in all areas. As long as the laser is not pointed directly at a person’s eye, it is not harmful.

      • Does the 10”/24”/48” Digital Level have magnets?

        Yes, the integrated magnets assist with use on ferrous-metal surfaces (excluding stainless steel).

      • Does the 10”/24”/48” Digital Level have a memory function?

        Yes, a measurement result can be saved in the internal memory, and the memory position for that measurement (M1 - M9) is displayed during the saving process. If more than 9 results are saved, the older ones are overwritten.

      • Does this 10”/24”/48” Digital Level have a choice of measurement units?

        Yes. Select the measurement unit from among degrees, %, and IN/FT, and the results will be displayed in the chosen unit. The unit conversion button may be used while a measurement is displayed in order to convert measurements among units.

      • Why there is a beep sound? How do I control it?

        The beep sound is there to easily indicate that the level is at 0°, 45°, or 90° and the last saved angle. Press the Acoustic Signal button to activate the beeper. To turn sound off, simply press the Acoustic Signal button again.

      • How many and what kind of batteries are needed for the 10”/24”/48” Digital Level?

        2 AAA batteries.

      • Can the 10"/24"/48” Digital Level be used with a 1/4” threaded tripod?

        Only 10” Digital Level and 24” Digital Level can be used with a 1/4” threaded tripod. The 48” Digital Level is too long to safely use with a tripod.