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Flooring Laser

  • Accuracy of the laser lines: 3/8 in. at 30 ft.

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    The HAMMERHEAD Flooring Laser is a highly versatile tool designed for fast, easy operation. The Flooring Level’s cross-hair makes it the ideal instrument for all types of alignment work on the floor. The two illuminated level vials and adjustable legs can be used to level the tool to project extended plumb lines on walls. The inboard, 90° try-square edge makes it simple to align the first floor tile, as well as speed up your overall installation time.

    Features include: Generates two lines on the floor at a 90 Degree angle for surface layout including tile, stone, brick, carpet and hardwood flooring; Manual leveling the unit by adjustable legs and bubbles, the projection of laser is extended long onto vertical wall for plumb leveling; Operating range (depending on room illumination): 65 ft.

    Kit includes: (1) Flooring Level, (2) AA Batteries and (1) Soft bag.

  • Accuracy of Laser Lines: 3/8 in. at 30 ft.

    Batteries: 2 AA batteries required (included)

    Operation Range: 65 ft.

    Warranty: 2+1 year limited

    • Do the HAMMERHEAD Flooring Lasers come with a warranty?

      Yes, there is a 3 Year limited WARRANTY on the Flooring Lasers. Please see the manual for details.

    • How can I calibrate the Flooring Laser?

      Please refer to CALIBRATE THE FLOORING LASER LEVEL in your Owner’s Manual.

    • Is the laser in the Flooring Level safe to use in public areas? Can it harm people’s eyes?

      The laser in the HAMMHERHEAD Flooring Level is a class 2; it is completely safe for use in all areas. As long as the laser is not pointed directly at a person’s eye, it is not harmful.

    • How many and what kind of batteries are needed for the Flooring Level?

      2 AA batteries.